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Helping You Tackle Your Problem Areas

Problem Areas

It’s no secret that the way we look on the outside can directly affect how we feel on the inside. Slim Body & Spa is dedicated to helping you look and feel your best through services like LipoLight, body wraps, laser hair removal, detoxification, whole body vibration and more. Whether normal liposuction is too invasive for you or you’re just looking for a way to reduce fat safely – we’re your go-to solution in the Jacksonville Beach and St. Augustine, Florida area.

When Diet and Exercise Don’t Work

If you’re one of those people who have tried every diet and exercise plan out there, the secret to your weight loss success may lie in our weight loss clinics. We’ll help restore your motivation to become a slimmer, healthier person and give you the resources you need to accomplish your weight loss goals safely.

Tending to Problem Areas Like Never Before

Our medical spas are proud to offer LipoLight - a completely non-invasive treatment that helps eliminate problems areas like your tummy, love handles, saddlebags and more. These areas can often be very difficult to target even with the most intense workout regimen. Instead of “learning to live with them”, let us show you how beautiful your body can be in just a few short treatments!

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Whether you’d like more information on the services we offer or you’re ready to set up your consultation with Dr. Kristy, our website is full of the information you need to make a confident, informed decision about your health and weight loss goals.

We Can Give YouWeight Loss Clinic

  • Reduce Fat safely
  • Reduce Stretch Marks
  • Lose Inches, many times after only one treatment
  • Reduce Cellulite and tighten excess skin
  • Spot Reduce with no recovery time
  • Lose chin fat with non-surgical Chin "Tucks"
  • Eliminate Muffin Tops Easily and Effortlessly with no starvation diet

We Can Help You

  • Hope for people who diet and exercise but still have problem areas
  • Hope for people who lose motivation when diet and exercise aren't working
  • Hope for people with cellulite – to smooth out the skin
  • Hope for people who want to see immediate results – for the motivation to make lasting lifestyle changes
  • Hope for emotional eaters, to gain control of their impulses
  • When you see inches disappear, you will have hope and be more inspired to make the changes you know you should.

Weight Loss Clinics

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