Lose Weight Fast

Slim Body & Spa: Jacksonville, FL Medical Spa

Looking for a place for you to get the pampering you need and deserve that will help you look and feel your best? If you're looking at spas, Jacksonville's Slim Body & Spa offers a multitude of options to help you look and feel your best.

Slim Body & Spa offers a variety of medical spa services to those in the Jacksonville, FL area, including:

  • Lipo Light - Looking for an alternative to liposuction in Jacksonville, FL? These short Lipo Light session spot treat body fat to help you safely and quickly lose inches.
  • Body Vibration - Body vibration offers you quick benefits of exercise while you stand still. This works well in conjunction with Lipo Light!
  • Nutritional Counseling - We're all different and customized nutritional counseling could help you see the results you've been striving for.
  • Detoxification - How often are you exposed to toxins and what's it doing to your health? We can help you with detoxification.
  • Body Wraps - Our contouring and infrared body wraps can help aid the detoxification process and improve the look and feel of your skin.
  • Neurofeedback - Our Jacksonville weight loss clinic's neurofeedback procedures could help you improve your abilities to practice mindful eating.
  • Laser Hair Removal - Our 2-part laser hair removal process leverages technology that destroys the hair follicle without causing damage to your skin.

St. Augustine & Jacksonville Medical Spa Services

We have two clinics to serve you, including: Jacksonville and St. Augustine.

When looking at local spas to help you with weight loss, Jacksonville, Florida options are plentiful but here at Slim Body & Spa medical spa in Jacksonville and St. Augustine, we offer several treatment options that have gotten great feedback from clients who have lost inches fast and felt great about the results here at our clinics.


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