Published Studies

1. The Efficacy of the Lipo Laser in Body Contouring and Fat Reduction*
Caruso-Davis M, Guillot T, Yu Y, Bissoon L, Greenway F Published in Obesity Journal 15:A99, 2007, 2007 Presented at NAASO Annual Scientific Meeting, New Orleans, LA. October 20-24, 2007.

2. The Greenway Study *
Efficacy of Low Level Laser Therapy for Body Contouring and Spot Fat Reduction Mary K. Caruso-Davis* ,Thomas S. Guillot** ,Vinod K. Podichetty† , Nazar Mashtalir***, Nikhil V. Dhurandhar***, Olga Dubuisson***, Ying Yu***, Frank L. Greenway***

3. Z fat liquefaction LLLT neira full article.pdf

4. American Academy of Anti.pdf

5. Excerpt from biochemical mechanism of low level laser therapy for the non.pdf


7. Jackson 3LT Non-Invasive Approach for Body Contouring Randomized Controlled Study LISM.pdf

8. Process.pdf

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The results in graph form of the double blind study

This was when the sessions were done twice per week over 4 weeks for 8 sessions.
They are now done 3 times per week for 3 weeks, and we are getting 20-25% better results (even though with one more session, it should only be 12% better)

The New Results You Can Expect

(3 times per week for 6 weeks sessions)


12.25 Inches in 18 visits – AVERAGE
with minimal lifestyle changes

12-18 inches in 18 visits – AVERAGE
with serious lifestyle changes

Record lost with least amount of sessions is 38 inches total, in 24 sessions – the most lost with many sessions is 48 inches.

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