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39 year old full time college student. I have struggled with my weight for a long time. I have asthma and it has always been hard for me to do many activities. I gained a lot of my weight when I was on Prednisone for an extended period of time. I have tried a lot of the fad diets, the Atkins Diet, Eat Right for Your Blood type diet, cabbage soup diet, peanut butter diet, and the macaroni and tomato juice diet. The only thing that has ever worked is the Blood Type diet, but like most diets, if you do not make that your diet for life, the weight comes back, and then some! I am did the fat loss program so I can get my life on track, learn to eat right and am positive that this is a lifestyle change that I can stick to! Thanks again. 



33 year old mother of 2. I am active on the County Ambulance Service and on the Volunteer Fire department. I have always had weight issues and this was a good way to get on the right track. And boy was it ever.



42 year old mother of five, ages 18, 17, 15, 5, and 2.I'm not someone who has been overweight her entire life, as I was very thin into my early 20's, and then started putting on more weight as I neared my 30's. It's really been within the last 5 years, since I had my daughter, that my weight has gotten out of control, as I've become more sedentary. I have lost weight, only to gain it back and then some over the past several years. I simply can't sit back and let my life get away from me any longer, as I really want to be around to enjoy my children for many years to come. I've got a terrible history of heart disease in most of my family, with my own father even having a heart attack when he was 3 years younger than I am right now. Add to that a family history of diabetes, along with my own gestational diabetes with my 2 youngest children, and I'm looking at a very short life if I don't take control and get on a path to a healthier, happier lifestyle. You helped get me motivated and focused on a new lifelong path toward health! Thank You.



I have had a life-long struggle with my weight. You name it, I’ve tried it. I finally found something that worked. I lost a lot of weight, felt great and looked great.



45 yrs. old married to a wonderful man and have 3 daughters, 22, 20 and 11 1/2 and a step-son who is 21. I work as an Instructional Aide with students of all ages. I have tried many different programs to lose weight. They all helped to lose the weight but none taught me how to keep it off or make it a lifestyle change. I am excited I finally learned how to balance nutrition and exercise to become healthier, more energetic and to see a lot less of me!



I have been married since 2005. Since then, I have gained a whopping 80 lbs.! I would like to blame having 3 kids, in such a short period of time, on my weight gain, but I can’t. The fact is, my job got more sedentary, I started to cook more pastas and starchy meals and I slacked off on working out. The pounds just packed on, even before I started having kids. I have bounced around the scale my entire adult life. I have tried a lot of “diets” and gone through cycles of working out but, I have never stuck to them. Now that I am a mother and have to chase after 3 little ones, I realize how important it is for me to set a good example for my children. That includes eating healthy and staying active. So that is what I am doing now.


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